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We’re The Best Bug Busters in Alpharetta and all the nearby areas, we have an interesting mix of modern, suburban neighborhoods and the natural North Georgia surroundings. This mixture makes for an enjoyable place to live, but it also comes with more than its fair share of pest problems. Unfortunately, the local pests can put your home or business at risk by bringing along dangerous health conditions and expensive property damage.

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Our Services

Twice A Year Pest Control

This covers a complete general pest control treatment inside and out starting with your attic, main living area, basement and crawl space and complete perimeter of your home. 
While doing this, our technician will also be doing a termite inspection. As long as no termites are found on the initial treatment, Urban Pest Control will put you under our free termite coverage which means that if our technician ever finds any termites after the first time, Urban will do a termite treatment at no additional charge. During the six-month period, if you have a problem with ants, spiders, etc., Urban Pest Control will come out for as many no-charge service calls as needed. This program costs $225 for the initial treatment, and the next six months of treatment drops to $170 where it stays for each six months of treatment thereafter.

Ant Control Specialists

Ant control can provide numerous benefits for homeowners and businesses. One of the most significant benefits is the prevention of property damage caused by carpenter ants, which can tunnel through wood and weaken structures over time.

 Ant control can also help prevent infestations of other pests, as ants are known to attract and feed on common household pests such as aphids and scale insects. Additionally, ant control can help reduce the risk of food contamination, as ants can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces. Overall, ant control is an essential aspect of pest management and can contribute to a healthier and safer living environment.

BeeSafe Mosquito Control

World’s only targeted mosquito control. Completely eliminate only mosquitoes – safe to use around kids, pets and pollinators.

One-Time Treatment

This service is for the one time treatment of a specific pest in homes or commercial structures and comes with a 30 day re-treatment guarantee.

Termite Bait Station

The Termite Bait Station program requires installation of bait stations for $399. After Installation there is a quarterly fee of $95 for monitor the system which includes perimeter pest control equaling $380 annually.

Termite Clearance Letter (WIIR)

Often needed when closing real estate and required by buyers, this service is an inspection and subsequent legal document good for 30 days from the date of the inspection, stating property is free of wood destroying organisms. Receive a one year termite treatment service program with clearance letter at no additional charge.

We use odorless chemicals and we follow best business practices to keep you and your family safe.

Superior Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Urban Pest Control takes pride in providing affordable, high-quality pest control solutions for Alpharetta and all surrounding communities. With over 30 years of experience and a six-month pest-free guarantee on all of our services, we can assure you that we have everything it takes to give you peace of mind on Alpharetta area property.

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Listen to What our Clients Say

Elizabeth Van Laanen

I wanted to commend your company on the fine service we received today. Matt came and took care of the initial service, explained the papers that I had to sign and did a great job. Thanks for your good work in the pest control area.

Aaron C.

Matt is fantastic! He's very knowledgeable and walked with me around my home to help me identify some problem areas. Matt is friendly and very trust worthy. I would highly recommend Matt and Urban Pest Control to anyone..

Kendra R.

The company was very professional and efficient. My home was treated for palm meadow bugs due to the cold weather and I have not seen a live bug since! The treatment did not leave a strong smell and my dogs were not sniffing after they sprayed. The service worker was well informed about their products and their safety, and even more respectful I my home and pets!

Rebecca A.

I love that we always have the same technician and Walter always does a great job. He is very thorough and informative.

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